Thursday, December 22, 2011

Material Efficiency Research

The amount of minerals and materials you will need to execute one run of a blueprint depends on (1.) your production efficiency level - which should be at level 5 before you attempt to compete in the marketplace (2.) the efficiency of the installation - as far as I know all high-sec stations have an installation efficiency of 1 whereas POS assembly arrays can have efficiencies greater than 1 meaning they are relatively inefficient. (Advanced Large, Medium & Small Ship Assembly Arrays have a Base Material Multiplier of 1.1 and Rapid Equipment Assembly Arrays have a Base Material Multiplier of 1.2 (3.) the Material Level of the blueprint. By researching the blueprints Material Efficiency you can  reduce the amount of materials needed - sometimes this will make enough of a difference in a competitive market to give you an edge.

HOW MUCH OF A DIFFERENCE DOES RESEARCH ALLOW FOR? As the following examples show, its not always the same, and it isn't necessarily very much.

Example One.At PE 5 an unresearched Scorch Bomb BPO (ME 0) requires 11081 Isogen, 358 Megacyte, 59649 Mexallon, 2333 Nocxium, 616637 Pyerite, 1503325 Tritanium, 1437 Zydrine. Once researched up to ME 50 (Waste Factor 0.2%) it requires 11080 Isogen (99.99%), 357 Megacyte (99.72%), 59648 Mexallon (99.99%), 2332 Nocxium (99.95%), 616627 Pyerite (99.99%), 1502345 Tritanium (99.93%), 1436 Zydrine (99.93%). The difference is so marginal that ME research does not significantly effect the amount of minerals needed to execute one run.

Example Two. At PE 5 an unresearched Ultraviolet L BPO requires 2 Isogen, 19 Megacyte, 3 Nocxium, 103 Pyerite and 4 Zydrine. After being researched up to ME 21 (Waste Factor 0.5%) it required 2 Isogen (100%), 17 Megacyte (89.47%), 3 Nocxium (100%), 94 Pyerite (91.26%) and 4 Zydrine (100%). Despite having a lower ME of 21 vs 50 and a correspondingly higher Waste Factor of 0.5 vs 0.2 the Ultraviolet L benefited more from ME research than the Scorch Bomb. Therefore you can not expect when researching a  a BPO that based on previous results your researched input requirements will change in the same ways - especially for very different types of items.

So now for the million ISK question and the point of this post. If you can't predict in advance what the benefit of research will be - how can you nonetheless know what the benefit of research will be? This is especially important when deciding what to manufacture in the first have to know what the actual input costs will be in order to compare any two items. The solution is very simple - search the contracts window for researched BPOs, view the contract and then correlate the ME# with the mineral or material requirements.

I have a very large spreadsheet that compares the market value with the mineral value of hundreds of different items so that I can determine the margin of return on building any of these items. Ideally you want to build items with the highest margins, few competitors in your trade center and reasonable volumes.

A brief note about selling - train Accounting to level 5 - this will reduce the transaction tax YOU pay when SELLING an item. (caps because in the real world tax is paid by the purchaser when buying.) Also, when selling items on the market to existing buy orders use the "simple view" window because you are taxed but not subject to a brokers fee. When selling onto a Market at prices above the highest buy order you must use the "advanced view." This will subject you to a brokers fee that depends on the skill Brokers Relations and on your Faction, Corporate and Personal Standings. With BR 0 and standings of 0 you are assessed a 1% Brokers fee. Training Brokers Relations to level 5 reduces this fee to 0.75%. With high standings I've read this fee can be further reduced to 0.3%.

Friday, December 16, 2011

A Guide to Titan Construction in EVE Online.

Have you ever asked yourself "How are Titans Built" only to find that this information is really hard to come by? Then perhaps you will find this Guide on Titan Super-capital Construction useful.

How to Build a Titan

Form an Alliance (Requires one or more corporation)
*The more corps and members there are the more tax and material for construction and more ships for defence of alliance assets and sovereignty.
*The executor corporation in the alliance pays the upkeep costs for sovereignty structures and the setup cost (1 Billion isk <one-time fee>) and monthly cost of maintaining the alliance  (2 Million isk per member corp / month) – consider implementing transfer payments from the member corps to the executor to cover these costs
*forming an alliance requires empire control 5

Anchor, Fuel, and Online a Large POS Tower within 100 km of an unoccupied moon
*Set the password and configure who can access the tower and who triggers automatic defences
*Large Caldari towers: 30 minutes to anchor, 30 minutes to online, 2.75M mw, 7500 cpu, 8000 m3 to haul (req. Industrial), 4 fuel blocks per hour = 2880/month @50m3 ea =144000 m3, 50,000 m3 strontium bay = 16,666 units,  110,000 m3 fuel bay.
*more difficult to defend in null sec compared to faction towers b/c of bonuses and reliance on missile batteries but the Caldari tower has sufficient cpu for 1.) the Capital Ship Assembly Array, 2.) the Capital Ship Maintenance Array, 3.) the Corporation Hangar Array and for 4.) some electronic warfare countermeasures which assist in defence  
* Given the vast expense of titan manufacturing the alliance shouldn’t try to be frugal when purchasing a tower -  the cost of a good faction tower is relatively minor in comparison to the many other expenses incurred throughout this project. Moreover, it won’t be feasible to upgrade your POS once the project is underway – so get it right the first time.

Anchor and Online a Territorial Claim Unit within 300 AU of a star (but more than 50 km from a POS)
            *5 minutes to anchor, 8 hours to online, 84 M isk / 14 day billing cycle upkeep fee (6 M isk/day), 5000 m3 to haul (req. Industrial)
            *anchored in a claimable nullsec system (one that is not currently claimed.)
            *a tcu can be anchored next to a pos but a pos cannot be anchored next to a tcu – therefore you must choose the right type of pos first because upgrading the pos after anchoring a tcu is not possible without first unanchoring the tcu (which is really bad because it forfeits all strategic levels built up within the system)

Anchor an Infrastructure Hub within 100 km of a planet that is not orbited by a conquerable station or an outpost
            *1 hr to anchor, 1 hr to online, 750,000 m3 to haul (req. Freighter)

Maintain Sovereignty for 7 days
* This increases the strategic index for the system to Level One and therefore permits the installation of a necessary hub upgrade: the Supercapital Construction Facility Upgrade.

Install a Supercapital Construction Facility Upgrade in the Infrastructure Hub
            *This upgrade has a 14M isk/14 day billing cycle upkeep cost
            *200,000 m3 to haul
            **see note below regarding installation of this upgrade.

Anchor and Online a Capital Ship Assembly Array next to your POS
(req. anchoring 1), 10 minutes to anchor, 3 minutes to online
*1 build slot, 850,000 m3 to haul (req. Freighter), 1,000,000 mw/2000 cpu, 155,000,500 m3 construction bay – needs to be within range of a corp. maintenance bay to receive the completed job (less than 3km).

Anchor and online a Capital Ship Maintenance Array next to your POS
(req. anchoring 1), 10 minutes to anchor, 3 minutes to online
*needs to be “in range” of the Assembly Array (less than 3 km)
*1,000,000 mw/0 cpu

Anchor and Online a Corporation Hangar Array next to your POS
            *use it to store construction materials and a couple extra weeks of tower fuel
            100,000 mw/150 cpu

Anchor and Online Electronic Countermeasures outside your POS force field.
            (req. anchoring 4)
            * the defence of the tower will depend primarily on player ships – the ewar measures are meant primarily to disable smaller assailants – dreadnoughts are immune to electronic countermeasures.

??? - Place the blueprint in your corporation hangar array and place the materials in your corporation hangar array. Choose the assembly line (your Capital Ship Assembly Array) and accept quote. - ???

**If using a vanilla BPO for the Avatar (with no production efficiency), construction will require 47 days (6-8 weeks) to complete from pre-assembled components - The BPO will cost 67,500,000,000 isk to acquire.

**one level of ME research will reduce incompetence waste by 50% but will take 7 months to complete for the Avatar.

**Capital Ship Assembly Arrays are primary targets for attack. Consider waiting until you have a cynosural field inhibitor (requires sovereignty strategic level 3 <35days>) before building the Assembly Array. “The "cyno jammer" renders normal cynosural fields impossible to generate, making capital ship movement into that system nearly impossible. Any attackers that wish to use capitals will need to destroy the cyno jammer device before proceeding.” – costs 20M isk a day in upkeep fees.

**Monitor/Camp your Stargates, POSs and Sovereignty Structures.

**one or two battleships with energy transfer loadouts will speed up fitting modules to the capital ship (b/c it requires 95% cap to online modules)

**IHUB upgrades “ are sold by NPCs throughout high-security space. The low level military and industry upgrades are small enough to fit into an industrial, but as the level increases, they become so large that only freighters can carry them. All of the strategic upgrades are so large that either a jump freighter or freighter is required, depending. The costs of the upgrades vary significantly as well, ranging from 50mil ISK to 250mil ISK, apiece.”

**“Once you are in your system, deliver the upgrade to the IHUB in space, right click on the IHUB to access the hub management, drag your upgrade onto the menu, and confirm that you are sure you want to install it. Voila! Strategic upgrades take place immediately, while the others require until downtime to take effect.”
< http://www tentonhammer com/eve/guides/politics/claiming-space-2 >

“1: 7 days. Supercapital construction facilities.
2: 21 days. Cynosural navigation.
3: 35 days. Advanced logistics network, cynosural suppression.”

**To pay for this crazy expensive project :
1.) install other upgrades in the IHUB primarily the Pirate Detection Array and secondarily an Ore Processing Array to source minerals close to the construction.
2.) engage in planetary interaction on all the planets in your system
3.) mine your moons for valuable materials
4.) run complexes that spawn in your system

Research on capital ships and capital ship components consumes a lot of time. For instance, blueprint components can need around 18 hours per level of MEincrease, whilst increasing the ME level on a Leviathan, the Caldari titan will take almost 8 months per level. It is with these times in mind that increasing skills such as metallurgy (to cut down the time the ME research takes) and using POS labs for research(giving a flat reduction to the time it takes to research based on the lab type) can prove very beneficial.

Once built, titans can be stored in a Capital Ship Maintenance Array with sufficient free space. Otherwise it will remain in space (disappearing after 15 minutes if not being agroed.)